Delivery Information

Shipping Policy

Franchise Print Service primarily uses UPS for shipping but some of our suppliers use a combination of UPS and FedEx to ship to our clients. Since we use UPS, our shopping cart is configured to use UPS pricing. The shipping prices in our store is based on the weight of the package(s) and the rate is returned back from UPS servers. We do not control the prices for the shipping. Our Store uses combined weight of all packages. If your order exceeds a total weight value of 150 pounds, you will need to break your order into multiple orders. If you are wanting to take advantage of our bulk product deals, contact us and we will bill you separately outside our online store so you can get the deal

If your package(s) is damaged when you recieve it, you will need to file a claim with the carrier.

Please do not use P.O. Boxes as your shipping address, our carriers will only deliver to physical addresses.

We are not responsible for incorrectly entered addresses. It is your resposibility to be sure that you are entering the correct and deliverable address. If the carrier can not deliver your package(s), they will automatically be returned to the plant at which time we will contact you for an updated address and you will be responsible to pay the additional shipping charges.

Once the item has left the shipping facility, we are not responsible for lost or undelivered packages. You will need to contact the carrier to file a claim with them to locate your package for you. Please do let us know so that we can contact the printing facility to be sure all your packages were shipped that were supposed to. Such as if the shipping manifest called for 2 and you only received 1.